Why Flags Does not Work…For Everyone

Some customers do prefer the double sided flags due to the fact that they can be read correctly from both directions. To start with, business owners can choose from a wide selection of shapes for flags. When you can get someone’s attention with this movement then you have a much better chance of getting their business and possibly even securing a longtime customer. Not much more than a handgrip or two below the flag. Like it’s mentioned earlier, monogram mailbox covers flags are cheaper and more easier to put up than giant banners, and that means that more local stores use them, exhibitors of garage sales use them, neighborhood kids use them to speak for special events and they are catchy nonetheless. Pretty much the same design as the current flag, but with a much more simple central shield. This flag is very much based on one of my previous designs of an Illinois state flag. That way you’ll stand a much better chance of getting a custom printed flag you’ll be proud of. The colours of the fly are also in the opposite way round to the flag of Connecticut who has red on the bottom and yellow on the top. Interestingly the regiment’s motto did not appear below but the mottos of the Inniskilling Fusiliers; Nec Aspera Terrant (By difficulties undaunted), The Royal Ulster Rifles: Quis Separabit (Who shall separate us?) and the Irish Fusiliers: Faugh A Ballagh (old Irish meaning «Clear the Way»).

The white rose of (old) York is also present in the flag. Based on the flag of (old) Hampshire. Maine actually had a rather good state flag in 1901 before the current monstrosity was adopted. So given it’s history and the fact that its still in use at sea, I think its good idea to use it in the state flag. So is it safe to say globalization is good? Until now people are buying because it is still a trend not only to people who really know where this icon came from, but also to younger people who started knowing about this trend just a few years ago. At Flags Unlimited, our end goal is ensuring your experience with us is streamlined and easy, and that you leave with the exact flag you came for. The blue, white and red colour scheme comes from the blue, white and red bars of the current state flag. The green and gold colour scheme representing the agricultural heritage of the region.

The star represents the state within the Union but the The five points of the star representing the five nations or entities Illinois belonged to before it became its own entity in 1809: France, Great Britain, Virginia, Northwest Territory and Indiana. The fleur de lea on white reflects the flag of the Kingdom of France, the French being the first Europeans to settle in the area. The fleur de lis on white reflects the royal flag of France and represents the original French colonists and the state’s French heritage. Red represents the blood of the indigenous people, gold the prairie and agricultural wealth of the state. The sun rising from the Lake is also on the state arms and is seen between the antlers. For some, the obvious adornment for the door or garden will celebrate fun in the sun. You need to know from beforehand which colour or combination will represent your product, service or idea perfectly. What most people know is that it was a battle flag by an army which became the symbol of those who serve and of those who have sacrificed a lot in the army. The blue and grey reflect the state’s motto «battle born» as these were the main colours in the uniforms of both sides in the Civil War during which Nevada became a state.

The grey and yellow stripes and bars reflect the motto in the first flag which stated «silver gold.» Rather than white to represent silver heraldically however I used grey as it has a duel symbolism. The yellow and white represent the state’s motto meaning gold and silver. It features the flower of the magnolia tree and the white waves represent the Mississippi River the state’s name sake. Based on the original flag of Mississippi designed in 1861, It features the magnolia tree however I replaced the single star canton with the single star hoist. I brought back the flag of the green New England pine tree on a buff field. In 1776 during the war for independence the Massachusetts Colonial Navy (aka the Massachusetts naval militia) adopted as it’s ensign a white flag charged with the green pine tree of New England, with the motto «An Appeal to Heaven» In 1971 the motto was dropped and the flag declared both the naval and maritime flag of the state (Massachusetts in one of only two states with it’s own maritime ensign). I dropped the star of the original as it can be replaced by the star of the hoist. With advances in textual analysis and widespread document availability, individuals can now easily search for phrases that might be red flags indicating questionable behavior.


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