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It follows in the stoner rock/metal path of previous releases, with thick riffs and catchy singles like the title track and «My Disaster.» There are also heavier tracks like «Unreal Estate» and «Days Collide» that still have plenty of melody. Owl» to uptempo tracks like «Two High.» The production seems a little rawer than the last album, providing some extra bite. It has everything Red Fang fans are looking for, another consistent and enjoyable addition to their impressive catalog. Mark Of The Wolf is a record that could, if found in a used record store three years from now could almost be mistaken for a lost NWOBHM album from 1987. As such, Lycanthro’s first album exemplifies the best and worst of this style of old-school melodic metal.

the Angry Samoans recorded on a mono cassette machine, sleeved in a photo of the band posing in a real SFPD criminal lineup room. «4st 7lb.» All the press surrounding it focussed on the rhythm guitarist/lyricist’s worsening condition and underwent a few hospitalizations. On Feb. 1, 1995, Edwards disappeared, hours before departure for a press junket to promote the album’s U.S. release. This writer was to have interviewed Edwards and Bradfield for a record company bio. Bradfield claimed his bandmate was suffering an inner ear infection and couldn’t fly. Edwards’ car was found Feb. 17 near the Severn Bridge, a frequent suicide spot.

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Also, to mainly keep the old-school metal genres alive since nowadays, there isn’t enough of it. Further, credit is due for local thrash outfit, Lycanthro. These guys are a hard working, productive group gaining momentum around the capital and elsewhere playing out of town gigs. It’s refreshing to talk to someone who genuinely cares about the music they make, and the music they love.

They are very lucky in the sense that they possess both incredible judgement and musical ability, it really shines through in the variety and experimentation that can be heard in their albums. Another successful year for the unstopptable Donald Glover – rapper, actor, comedian, writer and producer. Having released his first #1 US single , ‘This is America’, for what is assumed to be his next album, he’s being praised for his bold, honest and non-chalant attitude towards the modern Western way of life.

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Canada’s four-piece thrash power metal outfit Lycanthro has a new album in the works, «Mark of The Wolf» and the first taste is the single «Crucible» . Having recently signed Swedish crust punk overlords WOLFBRIGADE to the label, today Southern Lord has set loose an advance track from the crew’s upcoming LP, Damned, set to hit the streets of North America on April 24th. Canada’s four-piece thrash power metal outfit Lycanthro has a new album in the works, Mark Of The Wolf and the first taste is the single «Crucible». The album was mastered by Jack Kosto who the most well-known for being the lead guitarist in the power metal band Seven Spires. The 1stone is easily «Crucible», it was the 1stsong ever officially written for Lycanthro and it has still held up since then.

It’s a unique experience to record there as essentially, it’s a studio in a cabin in the woods. The area is very atmospheric and there’s aren’t that many outward distractions around so we can be productive and focus on the music. Be prepared to howl at the moon and feel powerful when listening to this release. Mark Of The Wolf is a strong debut album that every metal head needs to hear and shows that LYCANTHRO are ones to watch out for. The band keep up the consistency within their sound right up until the last track Evangelion. It is an epic closer, one that ensures the album ends majestically and that makes you want more of LYCANTHRO’s gallant sound. Prepare for a tonne of power and might when In Metal We Trust starts playing.

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