Wolfbrigade Announce New Album ‘the Enemy

I don’t hear a whole of punk in Agatha Shot‘s brand of music but there is definitely a lot of fine metal music coming from these guys with some sleaze elements. The first track «Lycanthro Junk» reminds me of Anvil in a big way with the verses while the bridge or chorus portion sounds a lot like Iron Maiden circa Brave New World era. The music has a real heaviness to it yet is pretty catchy. At first, I didn’t really like the bass solo — yes, bass solo — before the guitar solo but now it just adds to the charm of the first track with lots of nuances throughout. Even though lead vocalist Kai‘s singing often feels a bit dark, the background vocals add that needed melody and sleaze rock type feel to the first track. «Lycanthro Junk» is definitely a keeper and a song that I enjoy every time I hear it.

Death metal with a pinch of black metal grit, otherwise, good grooves for headbanging with big catchy riffs. A kind of punked up stoner/hardcore with seemingly a black metal attitude. Death metal with some great technicality, brutality and a full wall of sound that’s a bit grindy too… good stuff. MetalDays 2019 is not over yet but new dates for the next festival edition have already been scheduled from July 26th to August 1st, 2020. For the last time ever, MetalDays 2020 will offer you a killer line up at the most amazing location. So, make sure to check confirmation of the first bands below. Out of these, the cookies that are categorized as necessary are stored on your browser as they are essential for the working of basic functionalities of the website.

Lycanthro Punk Lp

Once hailed as one of the most important punk bands on the planet by Kerrang! , the Chicago quartet are predictable in their manner of attack, but Nowhere Generation’s performances and production values remain convincing enough to pick it off the ground. It won’t be the album to change lives or start movements, but Nowhere Generation is a perfect bite size piece of catharsis that almost anyone could raise a fist to. Drummer Hannes Grossman‘s latest solo album To Where The Light Retreats shares much in common with some of his other projects, namely Obscura and Alkaloid, in delivery and execution. The songs have a progressive aspect, but don’t forget to pummel at the correct time. This new album, his fourth full-length, is appropriate as it gives a slightly new direction from what he has done in the past. The Swedish band Eyes includes members of Aces High, who released a few albums in the ’90s and early ’00s. Over the past few years they have issued a couple of EPs, with their latest Perfect Vision 20/20 a full-length release.

  • The performances, especially those of vocalist James Delbridge and recording drummer Nathan Shuman are dynamic and lively, if sometimes a bit loose.
  • Congratulations to Lycanthro who came out on top and get to head to Montreal in March for the Quebec Final!
  • Having someone with over a decade and a half of experience performing with a seminal band like Madball seems to have rubbed off on the album, as these songs really fit into the hardcore mold without coming off as overproduced.

Ukraine’s Ethnic Groove/Death Metal bandARHAThave released official music video forFreedom! The song was taken from the band’s powerful debut full-length albumDead Life, released last year. A couple of 8 minute tracks of doomy melodic blackened death… a bit much in the post metal stuff to draw the songs out a little longer. A bit of a classic black metal sound with a bit of groove and accessibility… it’s not all totally harsh/cold blast beats. A Canadian band combining traditional, power, thrash, and progressive Metal! Respected Metal magazine Brave Words & Bloody Knuckles #92 lists the band as one of the great Canadian Metal acts alongside bands like Rush, Annihilator, Voivod, Anvil, Exciter, and others! The Temple of Metal in Greece called the band «Canada’s best kept secret»! U.S.-based Indie-Music.com says this band is «good enough to have a mainstream appeal similar to that of Priest, Sabbath, Megadeth, or Metallica»!

Vreid Share dazed And Reduced Music Video

A bit of a downtempo groove getting into some catchier thrashier stuff too. Hard rockin’ metal with a horror metal thing… maybe a rob Zombie catchiness with death metal vox mixed with clean-ish vox too. After dropping the much-anticipated album «Hidden from the Sun» in June, Diesel Theory released a new lyric video for «Breathing Underwater», animated by Scott Rudd Films. «Empire Of The Blind» is 12 songs of trademark Heathen if you really want to sum things up in a short sound bite. There may be a little more muscle in the production and the riffs sound a little dirtier but overall this is Heathen at their best. The subtle prog elements remain and the soaring melodies are laid perfectly over the top of thrash beats, pounding drums and stellar vocal lines from David White who continues to be the voice of the band. It’s been a long time between drinks for new Heathen music, 11 years to be exact but 2020 is the year that the Bay Area thrash legends return. Better late than never as they say and while we live through pandemic lockdowns and such, now is a good time to get some new stuff from Heathen and the wait was well worth it.

lycanthro band

Their ninth full-length won’t be pushing any envelopes but it’s a snappy and well-crafted dose of ‘stick it to the man’ that’s hard to disagree with. The album gets off to a strong start, but does tend to lose some steam. There is precise technical riffing in bundles and a great display of showmanship, but this isn’t really different from past works from Obscura, for example. On the whole, To Where The Light Retreats gets a large recommendation to fans of Grossman’s previous material. Stan Bush’s latest album Dare to Dream will be out 20 November 2020 on L.A. Records and available via all digital music platforms and his online store. With select touring planned in both Europe and USA throughout 2012, and at least two more releases confirmed for release via Southern Lord, it’s safe to say that we’ll all feel the sting ofWOLFBRIGADEquite a bit in the years ahead.

A character sketch of a woman who prefers hard rock to «Sade and Babyface» — set against an overwrought electro-metal arrangement that fails to explain why. Prince believed in sprawl, as he demonstrated with double and triple albums and with an internet storehouse of music he invited his fans to wander. Since his death, the artist’s estate has issued multiple LPs and box sets of material pulled from the famous vault at his Paisley Park complex in suburban Minneapolis. There is nothing ground breaking about this album which could lend people to think it’s a bit one-dimensional and «samey» but maybe the band wanted to make something that would simply smash you in the gut and make your ears bleed. ‘, which focuses on vocal torment and noise-focused expression, I’d compare it to Chaos Echoes.

The same lineup would reconvene again in the early ‘90s, and the reunion would prove fruitful, producing the album «Dehumanizer». Dio again left the band when it was announced that Ozzy would retire from touring and wanted to bury the hatchet with his old bandmates, which they accepted. Of course, we all know that Ozzy did not retire, but instead toured regularly for another 25 years after the initial retirement announcement. A complete and full-on original Black Sabbath reunion took place between 1999 and 2005. Fast forward to 2007, and the same lineup reunited once again, this time dropping the Black Sabbath moniker, which Ozzy took Iommi to court over, saying that the true Black Sabbath should only be the original four. With all parties in agreement, the decision was made to continue as «Heaven & Hell», producing one album «The Devil You Know», and a few tours followed.

Master Release

With 2020 kicking into full throttle with their first-ever Canadian tour, Lycanthro found it to be perfect time to announce the release of their first full length «Mark of The Wolf» via Greek label Alone Records later this year. «Crucible» is taken from their upcoming album «Mark of the Wolf», out June 4thn 2021 on Alone Records. Well, it kind of came about when my old band broke up and I took the songs I wrote and found David on a kijiji ad, he had the same influences as me and I thought it was too good to be true. So, we met up and worked on a bunch of different songs that are now staples in our set and it all sort of went from there. ‘Mark of The Wolf’ is a combination of old and new songs; back in 2017, Lycanthro released a four-track demo that received great feedback, but the quality left something to be desired. Scrobbling is when Last.fm tracks the music you listen to and automatically adds it to your music profile. Today the world can experience a bit of WOLFBRIGADE’s voracious new mayhem via the closing track to the LP, entitled «Peace Of Mind,» now streaming at the Southern Lord website. «In Metal We Trust» – We figured that we needed a sing-along song for a live setting that will be a crowd-pleaser so then we wrote In Metal We Trust.

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