Price list of Stella Dong Tay apartment, Binh Tan district, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

Stella 520 Vo Van Kiet – High-class apartment project of KITA Group

Stella 520 Vo Van Kiet is a complicated project consisting of high-class apartments, officetel, shophouse and a sequence of commercial and service utilities. This project owns a perfect location facing Vo Van Kiet Street, Binh Tan District, Ho Chi Minh City.

The scale of the Stella 520 Vo Van Kiet project is quite large as much as 30,000 m2 and provides 1200 apartments to the market. Stella 520 Vo Van Kiet Apartment promises to become a new wave for the actual estate market in the current period of scarce way to obtain high-rise buildings.

Overview of Stella 520 Vo Van Kiet project

Project name: Stella 520 Vo Van Kiet

Project location: Front of Vo Van Kiet Boulevard, Binh Tan, Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam

Project investor: Kita Group

Project construction contractor: Newtecons

Project type: Apartment; Shophouse; Officetel

Project scale:

Total project area: 30,000 m2

Number of apartment blocks: 5 Blocks. You will find 3 main blocks including:

Block A – Stella 68

Block B – Stella 79

Block C – Stella 89

Quantity of floors: 25 floating floors and 2 basements

Building density of the podium: 46.46%

Building density of tower block: 33.70%

Total product: 1200 apartments

Average apartment area from: 49.83 m2 — 83.05 m2

Anticipated to open on the market: Second quarter of 2021

Stella project location – Vo Van Kiet

Stella apartment project owns a leading location located right on the frontage of Vo Van Kiet Boulevard, Binh Tan District, Ho Chi Minh City. It can be said that this can be a golden land left on the arterial avenue of Saigon.

Moreover, from Stella 520 Vo Van Kiet can quickly hook up to the key arterial roads of the city such as for example: Nguyen Van Linh Street; Kinh Duong Vuong Street; An Duong Vuong Street; Road 3/2;… Thus, it is simple and convenient to go on to the central development districts such as for example: District 1, District 5, District 10, District 6; District 8.

Additionally, based on the government’s plan, Metro line 6 Ba Queo — Phu Lam has been built along Luy Ban Bich road connecting with Metro traffic line 2 at Ba Queo station and ending at Depot Tham. Wage. So using this Stella apartment project, it’ll connect more and more conveniently to neighboring districts and districts.

Stella 520 Vo Van Kiet project is situated in the west of Saigon, formerly considered a suburb. However, in recent years this area has developed a whole lot with regards to modern and synchronous infrastructure.

The convenience of this location is also the factor that helps the worthiness of Stella 520 Vo Van Kiet apartment to increase and will not stop growing over time.

Utilities at Stella 520 Vo Van Kiet apartment project

Stella 520 Vo Van Kiet project is focused on building a modern and unique resort by the owner Kita Group. With the goal of giving residents here a living space full of vitality, flavor, color but very peaceful and desirable in the midst of the bustling city center of Saigon.

Price and payment policy of Stella 520 Vo Van Kiet

It could be stated that Stella 520 Vo Van Kiet is a distinct high-class, luxurious apartments with affordable prices for customers with good income or more.

The existing Stella 520 Vo Van Kiet project has been completed with regards to infrastructure and legality.

Based on information from the investor Kita Group, in the 2nd quarter of 2021, Kita Vo Van Kiet apartment will undoubtedly be opened.

Customers buying Stella 520 Vo Van Kiet apartment is likely to be issued with a certificate of land use right within 4 months after purchase.

The investor of the Kita Binh Tan project also has an extremely flexible payment policy, customers can pay by methods such as:

Payment by month

Payment based on the construction progress

Quick payment with attractive discounts from investors.

Moreover, customers when selecting Stella apartments will be supported by banks with loans around 50% — 70% of the item value.


Stella Vo Van Kiet apartment for sale 520 Vo Van Kiet high-end apartment product is like a new breeze for the thirsty real-estate market. Especially thanks to the prime location facing Vo Van Kiet road, this project is also setting up potential investment opportunities for folks who own it.

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