same original material, but very good NFL shirts.

I brought two of these on a hiking trip and they were perfect. Sleeve length was good for arm swinging and the shirt dried really quickly in the sun when I set it out during lunch. I pre-washed a purple and a pink one, twice, before the trip and neither bled, nor shrunk in hot water and didn’t look fatigued. Dryering will be the next test. I was able to wear each shirt twice and they still hadn’t absorbed any smells in the pits. Could have gone for a 3rd use if necessary. I’ve purchased all the colors because they are going to be my new work-out and hiking nfl shirts. Great nfl shirt if you want the softness of cotton, but 100% is not a great idea. and can customs personal name and number for my NFL jersey, it is very nice quality shirts. and it’s a great fit. Not too loose , but not snug. Length is below the belt so covers «plumbers crack» in situations. Big selling point for basketball jerseys near me the public view. They haven’t shrunk at all but I do only put them in the dryer while I reload washer, then I take them out one by one and hang to dry completely. Great value for the money

hte shirts are like a dry fit material with a little bit of cotton so they sweat great and they feel good under the sun and against your skin. Also, we used a machine to transfer graphics on the shirt which worked perfectly. This is a great shirt for a workout shirt or even an undershirt.

These are thin material shirts, not to be expected to keep one warm. The shirts I received fit well and the colors are as expected and ordered. They have held up well after many washing and many days of use. Color has held well, no fading. These are good shirts. I have buy jersey from this website for many years and find the different styles, or models , are always a different weight.


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